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ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a standard framework that sets down the requirements of the quality management system (QMS). Certified ISO 9001 organizations show their customers that they are actively engaged in the delivery of products and services that meet satisfying requirements. ISO 9001 is a useful tool for handling QMS properly. Our IQC The ISO Pros of Texas in El Paso team would be able to assist you in the organization’s readiness and certification.


It could seem impossible to switch to an entirely different platform or to adapt the existing system to satisfy the specifications. Essentially, the approach is really worthwhile and allows the organization to have additional leverage and to guarantee that tasks are eventually completed. The QMS will operate seamlessly once it’s placed into service.

In the context of their tasks, the general morale of employees can be improved. Accurate and dedicated service is given and guarantees that customers are happy with the universal specifications. If there is a need to maintain paperwork and reports, it will make it easier for anyone to retain documents to ensure that all employees are accountable. It maintains continuity in order to preserve a consistent record-keeping process in the business.

ISO 20000

The ISO 20000 certification with the related emblem provides attractive business advantages. For example, a variety of public sector organizations have mandated compliance with ISO 20000 certification as a procurement requirement. Working in compliance along with ISO 20000 criteria and best practices in the management of services has an internal advantage to the business, as the caliber is to deliver the most reliable service to customers.

In addition, the choice to apply for the ISO 20000 certification establishes a clear goal for the company and enables it to focus its minds. The ISO 20000 certification enterprise is additionally a competitive way to launch the service of quality requirements in the management of services and to ensure good incentives.


CMMI includes a 5-level paradigm for the management of the process of maturity. The CMMI Institute was founded in the field of equipment and software engineering. It is a compilation of best practices in this sector that can be regarded as a source of documentation since it promotes the approach of self-assessment and process improvement. When you get CMMI certified in El Paso, Texas (TX), our IQC The ISO Pros of Texas in El Paso team will be pleased to assist you in the planning and certification of the company.

How is the CMMI distinct from the ISO?

CMMI is static and applicable mainly to software-intensive program management organizations. ISO is modular and necessary for all modes of production. CMMI focuses on project management and engineering systems, while the concentration on ISO is more general. CMMI requires structured and complex procedures, and companies must select from 22 approaches to meet their company needs. In all companies, industries, and sectors, the ISO requirements are exactly the same.

CMMI incorporates processes that are incorporated into the activities of companies to guarantee that all systems are not susceptible to time constraints and become part of the corporate culture. It is not obvious whether or not compliance is of sufficient market significance while ISO is concerned with compliance.

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